Weight loss – it’s all about you!

I was inspired to create this page by meeting a gentleman in his 60s who had lost 45kg (that’s 99 pounds, heck, close enough to 100 pounds) in two years without expensive gym memberships, personal trainers, prepared meals or going to motivational meetings. His weight loss ‘secret’ was simple and effective, and I would like to share it with others.

The first critical element was motivation, the reason for losing weight, in this case being able to keep up with the grandchildren and to live long enough to enjoy as much time with them as possible. Motivation is critical and it has to be your motivation. Why is it that you want to achieve weight loss? Be clear about it and keep it at the forefront of your attention, that’s what will keep you going when it gets difficult to keep going.

The second element: portion control. Learning to choose to put less on the plate. No rocket science here, whatever is going on your plate, put less there than you’ve become accustomed to. Then when you’ve finished that and you feel like some more, that’s when keeping your motivation at the forefront of your attention kicks in: you’re walking away from the table a little hungry, but you’re doing it for a reason, your own reason, not someone elses. Remember, your weight loss is all about you, and making the change that you want in your life happen.

Next, reducing snacking. It’s amazing how satisfying a glass of water can be when it’s part of achieving your goal. Feel like a snack? Have a glass of water. And don’t just throw it down, savour each mouthfull and feel it go all the way down to your belly. Can’t work? Give it a try.

Finally, walking. Just plain simple walking, no gyms or lycra, no personal trainers. Just start and you’ll find that the more you do, the more you can do. Then when the weight loss starts happening, it’ll get easier and more enjoyable.

With the money you save on gyms etc, give yourself a special treat each time you lose 5kg or 10 pounds









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